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If you rent a flat long time and dream to buy a home, This Offer is for you!
Change the world for better!
You wouldn't pay annual interest rate!
Buy a house in Galaxy Construction 3 and fix the contract amount in GEL!
In case of 30% of advance payment you can receive a home technic or furniture voucher (total sum 3 000 GEL)!
Successfylly completed pouring of colums and diaphragms of the level -2
Choose "Galaxy Didi Digomi3" and receive special payment conditions
See more about Location of our new Project - Galaxy Didi Digomi 3
A LIVE camera is launched in G3 Project!
You can choose a 4-room flat, pay 30% of total amount and receive a special present - parking area for your automobile!
Investment for the future - the best choice to invest your saving!
Healthy and quiet environment are necessary For a full life
Galaxy Construction have been already finished two multistory building - "Galaxy Didi Digomi1" and "Galaxy Didi Digomi 2"