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“Galaxy Construction” is a Construction-Development Company which exists on the Georgian construction market for 7 years and its main profile is to build multistory residential houses. In 2013-2019 the company has fulfilled three successful projects: multi-story house – “Galaxy Didi Digomi - 1”, “Galaxy Didi Digomi - 2” and “Galaxy Didi Digomi - 3” and now it started a new project -“Galaxy Terrace”. The goal of the company still remains to build high quality, modern and comfortable residential houses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create comfortable and well-equipped multistory residential houses with distinctive quality and healthy environment for the quality-oriented customers and offer them at fair and competitive prices. At the same time, we care to provide our employees a creative, healthy and motivated work environment where each employee, individually and collectively, will be motivated to dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integrity

Our Vision

Our vision is to represent a Construction and Development Company on the Georgian Real Estate Market, which establishes the quality of construction and the standard of contemporary style homes. Therefore, we are constantly focused on the future of our company, its growth and development. We also believe that with our work we should provide benefit to the society and the country where we live and work, and accordingly, we should constantly change the environment for the better

Our Values

Our constant care is our customer, accordingly the quality and reliability, innovation and competence are of great importance for us; we also care about our employees and that’s why our value is safe, healthy and motivated work environment for each employee where they receive fair remunerations. Our country and environment in which we live and work is important for us, so one of our most important values ​​is to take care of the environment and the society and to make investment in the environmental change for better

Our team

Our profesional Team makes best experience for your living Our profesional Team makes best experience for your living

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Our profesional Team makes best experience for your living


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